Tape 48 x 60 variable background color 72 pieces / HOT MELT


Company logo ribbon. Hot melt. 72 pcs.

Polypropylene tape on Hot Melt adhesive (synthetic rubber). It exhibits very good adhesive properties and works well for both larger and smaller shipments. The set includes tapes covered with any color.

On such tapes we can put graphics, such as logos in white.

Our company is a PRODUCER of printed adhesive tapes. 15 years of experience in the production of printed tape provides our customers with a very high quality product as well as the tape printing itself.

Technical data:

Width: 48 mm

Length: 60 yd (54mb)

Glue: Hot Melt

Changed background color

Self-adhesive tape with logo purchase procedure:

  1. Purchase of the selected tape through the store.
  2. After purchase, please send logo (preferably in curves) with guidelines for graphic design.

    Send the file to: sklep@opakowania24.eu
  3. A graphic designer prepares the design.
  4. After design approval, we print.

Lead time: ca. 15 working days

Matrix and graphic design included in the price.

Any questions are answered:

By phone: 734 488 096

By email: sklep@opakowania24.eu