Courier envelopes “rebates” C6 175×132 100 pcs


Courier envelopes C6 rebated

High quality courier envelope “cling”. Envelopes of this type are commonly referred to as
due to the fact that they adhere firmly to the surface of parcels, cartons or foil. Clings are most often used to attach waybills to parcels. Courier envelope is a very practical self-adhesive foil pocket (transparent). It is durable and provides security for shipping documents. The envelopes are resistant to external factors, especially to moisture. Envelopes adhere superbly to the walls of cartons, boxes and other packages, making them ideal as “shirts” for waybills and other documents important during transportation services.

Kangaroo courier envelopes c6 are essential for any warehouse.

Example use of courier envelopes:

– Transportation of shipping documents, as envelopes for waybills

– transportation of other documents attached to packages (manuals, invoices, others).

Courier envelopes c6 kangaroo – dimensions

Height: 162 mm

Width: 114 mm

1 pack: 100 pcs.