Courier envelopes “rebates” DL 235×132 100 pcs


Courier envelopes “clings” DL 235×132 100 pcs.

Practical and durable courier “cling” envelopes are ideal for sending documents with parcels. Made of self-adhesive foil pocket, they provide secure attachment of documents and protection from damage during transportation. The envelopes are transparent in color, making it easy to read the contents without opening them.

External format: 235mm x 132mm

Courier “cling” envelopes have an outer format of 235 mm x 132 mm. This is the standard size for DL envelopes, which is commonly used for sending various types of documents and letters. This way you can be sure that the envelope will be properly tailored to your needs and will accommodate all the necessary documents.

Internal format: 223 mm x 120 mm

The internal format of the courier envelopes “rebate” is 223 mm x 120 mm. This is enough space to accommodate standard A4 sheets of paper or other important documents. You don’t have to worry about your documents being too tightly packed or not fitting into an envelope. With the right size, you can be sure that your shipments will be comfortable and safe.

Price per piece

Courier “cling” envelopes are available in a package containing 100 pieces. The price is listed per piece, allowing you the flexibility to order the quantity that suits your needs. Whether you only need a few envelopes to send important documents or a larger quantity for your business, you can easily customize your order to meet your requirements. We offer competitive prices while maintaining high product quality.


  • Self-adhesive foil pocket, designed for posting documents attached to shipments. In transparent color
  • External format: 235mm x 132mm
  • Internal format: 223 mm x 120 mm
  • Price per piece.
  • 1 package: 1,000 pieces.