Nowadays, with the packaging market constantly evolving, it is important to understand the terminology and standards associated with packaging production. One of the important concepts in this field is FEFCO. In this article, you will learn what FEFCO is, its importance and applications, and how to use the FEFCO catalog to find the right packaging designs for your needs.

Introduction to FEFCO

FEFCO stands for Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondule, which means “European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers.” The organization was founded in 1952 in Italy and is based in Paris (now Brussels). FEFCO is an association of European corrugated board manufacturers that aims to develop and promote modern packaging solutions.

FEFCO’s role in the packaging industry

FEFCO plays an important role in the packaging industry, both nationally and internationally. One of the organization’s most important achievements is the development of the FEFCO catalog, which has become a standard among corrugated packaging manufacturers.

FEFCO Catalogue

The FEFCO catalog is a collection of basic designs for corrugated cardboard packaging. It was developed to replace complex descriptions of packaging structures with simple symbols. With this catalog, packaging manufacturers around the world can easily communicate and exchange information on packaging design.

FEFCO catalog structure

The FEFCO catalog consists of eight basic product categories, each of which contains models marked with a unique number. Here is a brief description of each category:

  • 0100 – corrugated cardboard in rolls and in sheets
  • 0200 – flap boxes, the simplest in terms of design
  • 0300 – telescopic boxes, consisting of overlapping parts
  • 0400 – folding boxes and trays, consist of one sheet
  • 0500 – slide-in boxes, consisting of elements that slide one into the other
  • 0600 – permanently joined boxes, durable models, provide high resistance to mechanical damage and consist of several elements requiring gluing or sewing
  • 0700 – one-piece glued boxes, easy to use, ready after unfolding
  • 0900 – internal equipment such as dividers or inserts

In each of these categories, there are many customizable packaging models.

How to use the FEFCO catalog

The FEFCO catalog is an extremely useful tool for cardboard packaging manufacturers. It allows you to easily and quickly find the right packaging design for your specific application. To use the FEFCO catalog, simply find the appropriate category and model number, then contact the packaging manufacturer, who will be able to customize the design to meet your needs.

Importance of FEFCO for packaging manufacturers

The FEFCO catalog is of great importance to cardboard packaging manufacturers. With standard symbols and numbering, manufacturers can easily communicate and exchange information on packaging design. This allows for shorter production times, lower costs and better understanding between the manufacturer and the customer.


FEFCO is an organization of corrugated packaging manufacturers. Its most important achievement is the FEFCO catalog, which is the standard in the packaging industry. With this catalog, packaging manufacturers around the world can easily communicate and exchange information on packaging design. Using the FEFCO catalog is extremely useful in selecting the right packaging design for your specific needs. That’s why you should know and understand the importance of FEFCO in the packaging industry.