H-21 manual tensioner


The h21 tensioner is a basic tool used to fasten polypropylene tape. The use of a tensioner in combination with wire or plastic fasteners makes it possible to secure the transported goods very well. The cargo during transport is stable and less susceptible to damage on the pallet.

In our store we offer you only tensioners of the highest quality standards. In our daily work we just use the h21 tensioner, which at the same time is highly appreciated by its users.

Tensioner for polypropylene tape has a lot of practical applications that include:

  • professional cargo security
  • stabilization of goods in pallet transports
  • convenient strapping of cartons and packages

Tensioner-compatible tape size (mm):

9, 12, 14, 16, 19

Wire fasteners

Professional tape tensioner is one of the products available in our store to help with banding. Please visit for packaging and related materials. If you have questions about the products we offer, we invite you to contact our specialists: by phone, email or real-time chat.