PPBG foil sheet 100×140 cm cellophane pack of 50 pcs.


Cellophane is a great material for packaging!

The film sheet is made of polypropylene film. Cellophane film perfectly transparent will emphasize the colors of packaged items. The product is great for packaging and various decorations. Decorative foil sheet is used for packaging flowers, gifts, presents, cosmetics, sweets and much more. Gift wrap Looks aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

Cellophane film sheets are ideal for gift wrapping in addition to being transparent they are also glossy. Sheets made of this type of film are ideal as decorative packaging material. The use of this product depends only on our ideas, inspiration and current needs. Transparent gift wrapping film has many uses. Below we point out the most common uses of film sheets.

Cellophane wrapping film:

  • – flowers (for florists)
  • – candy (for confectioners and grocery stores),
  • – cosmetics (manufacturing and chemical companies),
  • – decorations (wedding, birthday and other)
  • – gifts
  • – toys.

Gifts in cellophane look great:

Cellophane for gift wrapping

Cellophane for flowers

Wrapping gifts in cellophane is a great alternative to decorative papers. Gifts packaged in this way look very aesthetically pleasing. If you use a decorative ribbon or, for example, jute string to tie it up, the whole thing looks very classy and elegant. Cellophane packaging is a very good solution for people who pay a lot of attention to detail.

The film has many other uses. Gifts in cellophane, that’s not all. Packing flowers in cellophane film is very popular.

Decorative cellophane for packaging.

  • Dimensions: 100 x 140 cm.
  • 50 sheets