Box lid-pink flowers 200x200x85mm


Manufactured from 3-layer E-wave cardboard with a weight of 390 g/m2

Package with a lid-and-bottom design printed with PINK FLOWERS

  • Colorful lid box with flower print – perfect for gifts.
  • The box will be perfect as a gift wrap.
  • Reinforced construction and offset printing affect its attractive appearance, and the printing makes it very versatile
  • The dimensions were chosen so that the box can accommodate, among other things. mug, cup, cosmetics, honeys, tea, gingerbread, candles and much more.
  • An intuitive folding method that requires no adhesive tape makes the box easy to assemble and functional, while remaining aesthetically pleasing throughout its use.
  • It can also be used as a practical decoration in which to store all sorts of items