Wrapping paper 100 x 130 cm 80g/m2 1 sheet -122g, kg ok-9 sheets


Elegant gray wrapping paper

Our elegant gray wrapping paper is the perfect solution for securing products. Thanks to its neutral color, it fits perfectly into different types of packaging, adding a professional look. Whether you’re sending gifts to loved ones or running an online store and need sturdy packaging for your products, our wrapping paper will meet your needs.

Grey wrapping paper

Gray paper is not only an aesthetic solution, but also very practical. It helps securely pack shipments, protecting the contents of packages from damage during transit. In addition, it can also be used as a material to fill voids in cartons, providing additional protection and stability during delivery.

Helpful for packing shipments

Wrapping paper is an essential tool for any shipping process. Our offer includes sheets of 100 cm x 130 cm sold by the kilogram. One kilogram holds about 9 sheets of paper – so enough for many packages! This way you can be sure that your warehouse will be stocked with the right amount of wrapping paper to always be able to provide secure packaging for your products.

Protection and aesthetics

Our gray wrapping paper not only protects your products, but also adds elegance. It will make your shipments look professional and solid. Whether you’re shipping fragile items or heavy parcels, our wrapping paper is durable enough to handle any task. Choose our offer and enjoy peace of mind when shipping your products – we know how important it is to protect the contents of your packages!


  • Elegant gray wrapping paper
  • Secures products
  • Helping to pack shipments,
  • It protects as well as conceals the contents of the package.
  • It is also great, for filling empty spaces in a cardboard box.
  • Available in 100 cm x 130 cm sheets.
  • Sheets of paper sold by the kilogram.
  • One kilogram contains ca. 9 sheets of paper.