Book wrap 300 x 220 – A4 505×650 height adjustable, 400 g/m2 1200pcs DEM7BZB01-133


Packing books couldn’t be easier

Book Wrap 300 x 220 – A4 is the perfect solution for all reading lovers who want to safely store and transport their favorite books. With this wrapper, packing books becomes easier than ever before. All you need to do is place the book inside the wrapper and then secure it with the adjustable height.

A4 size safe books

This wrap is specially designed to protect A4 size books. Its dimensions (300 x 220 mm) are ideally suited to most standard sizes of this type of publication. This way you can be sure that your favorite literary works will be safe during transportation or storage.

Cheap book packaging

A book wrap is not only an effective way to protect your publications, but also a very economical solution. Made of three-layer cardboard with a weight of 400 gr/m², this sturdy and durable wrap provides excellent protection against dirt and mechanical damage. In addition, thanks to the adjustable height, you can adjust the wrapper to fit different sizes of books.

Great protection during transport

You no longer have to worry about your books being damaged during transport. The 300 x 220 – A4 book wrap provides excellent protection against dirt and tears. With it, you can be sure that your favorite publications will reach their destination intact. In addition, this wrapper can also be used to secure albums and booklets. This is a versatile tool for all reading lovers!


Length: 300 mm

Width: 220 mm

Format: A4

Weight: 400 gr/m2

InPost: Gabaryt A

Polish Post Office:Gabaryt A