Bubble envelope K (37×48 / 34×47) 20 50 pcs 20


Heavy-duty bubble envelope. Protective envelopes with bubble wrap are great for protecting small products during transportation. Thanks to the use of self-adhesive tape, they are very convenient to use and do not require additional gluing. They are made of very strong white paper and durable bubble wrap of the highest quality.

The bubble envelope is successfully used to transport products that require special protection such as consumer electronics, scratch-prone products and many others. Envelopes of this type are the most commonly used packaging material.

For products that are sensitive to crumpling, we recommend the use of packing cartons, such as cut cartons. They provide special protection for this type of product.

If you are not sure what type of envelope to choose, please contact our spechalists in real time on chat, by phone or email. We will be happy to answer your questions and suggest the best solutions for packaging logistics.

Technical data:

External dimension

Height: 48 cm

Width: 37 cm

Internal dimension

Height: 47 cm

Width: 34 cm

Package: 50 pcs.