STRETCH hand film 50 cm 2.7 kg 23 my transparent


STRETCH hand film 50 cm 2.7 kg 23 my transparent

STRETCH film is used to secure (wrap) pallets and shipments. It protects cargo during transport from damage or possible shifting, as well as moisture, rain and dirt.

Film thickness: 23 my

This stretch film is made of high-quality material with a thickness of 23 microns. Thus, it provides solid protection for your packages and pallets. It is transparent, which allows you to easily identify the contents of the package without having to open it.

Width: 50 cm

Having a width of 50 cm, this stretch film is ideal for wrapping larger packages and pallets. It provides an even distribution of tension over the entire surface of the wrapped object, which effectively protects it from damage during transportation.

Weight: 2.70 kg | Bushing weight: 300 g

Our hand stretch film weighs only 2700 grams with a sleeve weight of only 300 grams. That means you get a full 2.7 kg of film to protect your shipments. It is worth noting the weight of the sleeve before purchasing, as some manufacturers use heavier sleeves, resulting in less film in the package.


STRETCH film transparent 23 my.

Width: 50 cm.

Weight: 2.70 kg.

Bushing weight:300 g


Check the weight of the bushing before purchasing.

At competitors, it’s up to 600 g, which means you are realistically buying less film.