Bubble foil B1 0.3 (100 mb)


Bubble foil B1 0.3 (100 mb)

If you are looking for an effective way to protect your products from damage during transport or storage, then B1 0.3 bubble wrap (100 mb) is the perfect solution for you. This high-quality film provides excellent protection and cushioning due to its bubble structure.

Protects products from damage

Thanks to its flexibility and strength, B1 0.3 bubble wrap (100 mb) effectively protects your products from all kinds of damage. Internal air bubbles form a protective layer around the products to absorb bumps and shocks. Whether you’re transporting delicate glass objects or fragile electronics, this film will ensure they travel safely.

Roll 0.3 m x 100 m

This roll of bubble wrap is 0.3 meters wide and as long as 100 meters. This gives you a lot of material at your disposal and makes it easy to adapt to different sizes and shapes of products. Whether you need to secure individual items or larger batches of goods, this roll of bubble wrap will meet your needs.

The diameter of the bubble approx. 10 mm

The air bubbles on this film are about 10 millimeters in diameter, providing just the right amount of cushioning for your products. This size of bubbles is ideal for securing different types of objects – they are neither too big nor too small. This way you can be sure that your products will be well protected during transport or storage.

The bubbles are excellent for protecting the product from damage, shock, water, etc. Goods packed in bubble wrap will be clean and safe in transit. The bubble wrap is tear-resistant and conforms to any product. It is suitable for protecting the smallest ceramic products as well as large furniture, glass, sanitary fittings, car parts and more.

B1 bubble film in a roll of 0.3 mb x 100 mb.

Two-layer film.

Width: 0.3 m

Length: 100 mb

Bubble diameter ca. 10 mm.