Courier envelopes “przylgi” DL red 1000 pcs


Courier envelopes “przylgi” DL red 1000 pcs.

Self-adhesive foil pocket, designed for posting documents attached to shipments.

In red with printing in 8 languages (bill of lading).

DL Envelope Dimensions:

  • External format: 240 mm x 140 mm
  • Internal format: 230 mm x 130 mm

Functional and convenient courier envelopes

Our courier “cling” envelopes are ideal for companies and individuals sending documents or other important materials. Thanks to the self-adhesive film pockets, you can easily fit all the necessary documents without worrying about losing or damaging them in transit. The pocket is also designed to accommodate the bill of lading, which can be printed in as many as eight different languages.

Elegant design and practicality

Our envelopes are available in an intense red color, which adds to their elegance and makes them visible against other shipments. In addition, printing in eight languages makes it easier for the courier to identify and handle the package. The envelopes are standard DL size, which means they are large enough to hold most documents and letters.

Envelope dimensions

The envelopes have an outer format of 240 mm x 140 mm and an inner format of 230 mm x 130 mm. With these dimensions, you can be sure that your documents will be adequately protected during transport. The foil pocket is self-adhesive, which makes attaching it to the envelope quick and easy.

When you order our courier envelopes “przylgi” DL red in quantity of 1000 pieces, you can be sure of a high quality product and functionality tailored to the needs of your business or daily use. Don’t waste time looking for other options – choose our envelopes and enjoy a safe and elegant way to send your shipments!