Metal clasp 10 5000 pcs


Metal fastener 10 5000 pcs.

The metal clasp is made of galvanized steel to provide solid and durable cargo security. Thanks to the serrated inner side, it prevents the polypropylene tape from loosening and ensures that the tape maintains uniform tension during transport.

Robust and durable

Made of specially selected material, the metal clasp is extremely sturdy and durable. It does not deform even under heavy load, which guarantees that the load is securely fastened. Whether you are transporting heavy items or delicate goods, you can be sure that the fastener will effectively hold everything in place.

Secure fastening

Thanks to precise workmanship and careful design, our metal clasp is perfect for everyday use. Its serrated inner side effectively blocks the movement of the polypropylene tape, eliminating the risk of accidental loosening during transport. This means more security for your products and peace of mind when traveling.

Multifunctionality and convenience

The metal clasp is not only sturdy, but also very practical. You can use it to secure different types of cargo – from packages and cardboard boxes to furniture or sports equipment. Its universal design makes it compatible with most polypropylene tapes on the market. In addition, the fastener is easy to use – just place the tape inside and tighten with the fastening tool.

10 mm fastener .

5,000 pack .