DRUCIAN fastener 13/1000 pcs.



The wire fastener is used to connect polypropylene and polyester tapes. It is the closure of the cargo attachment. The fasteners are made of a specific steel alloy and properly profiled so that the self-tightening of the fastener takes place during fastening.

Proper packaging of goods is very important, and the use of wire fasteners significantly minimizes the risk of damage to goods during transport.

The wire fastener will prove useful for professional preparation of goods for shipment will ensure that they are properly protected outside and inside the package or pallet.

For small orders and undersized items, packing tape plays an important role. For pallet shipments, it is necessary to use stronger fasteners using polypropylene tapes, tensioners and wire fasteners. It is with these types of shipments that the wire fastener works best.

Wire fastener – technical data:

The fasteners sold come in a package of 1000 pieces.

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