Brown cardboard tube fi 80 x 350 x 2 with plugs


High quality and durability

Brown cardboard tube fi 80 x 350 x 2 with plugs is a product made of high quality cardboard, which guarantees its strength and durability. This way you can be sure that your products will be properly protected during transport or storage. The tubes are not coated with kraft paper, which means they retain their strength with less weight.

Universal application

Cardboard tubes are ideal for packaging a variety of products. They can be used to package calendars, flyers, advertising materials or posters. They are also perfect for packing gadgets, ceramics or liquor. With a variety of sizes available, you will find a tube suitable for any type of product.

Convenient use

The brown cardboard tube fi 80 x 350 x 2 is easy to use with the added plugs included. The stoppers ensure that the tube is securely closed, which protects the contents from damage. In addition, the stoppers allow the tube to be easily opened and closed, making it easy to use on a daily basis. Brown cardboard tube fi 80 x 350 x 2 with plugs is a high quality and durable product that will find wide application in packaging of various products. With its convenient size and added plugs, it is easy to use and keeps your products safe. Choose our cardboard tube and enjoy professional packaging for your goods!

Cardboard tubes made of high quality cardboard with plugs included. The tubes can be used for packaging a wide range of products – from calendars, flyers, advertising materials, posters to all kinds of gadgets, ceramics and spirits. Thanks to the modernization of production technology, the tubes are not covered with kraft paper maintaining the same strength with less weight.


Size inside diameter: fi 80 mm

length outside: 350 mm

wall thickness: 2 mm

Poster size e.g.: A3