Reinforced tape 50 x 50mb cross-reinforced


Glass fiber reinforced tape.

Extremely durable and strong self-adhesive protective tape. Ideal for transporting heavy objects.

The protective tape is cross-reinforced with fiberglass, making it successfully suitable for sealing heavy loads. It finds its use in shipping large cartons in multilayer cardboard. The tape adheres superbly to cardboard, plastic and metal, due to the use of synthetic rubber adhesive in the production process. The tape can be used in harsh storage and transportation conditions, both indoors and outdoors. The tape has above-average adhesive properties. Stabilizes cartons and pallet shipments during transport. It guarantees a solid and consistent closure of cartons.

Self-adhesive polypropylene tape cross-reinforced with glass fiber 50/50mb

Technical data:

Width: 50 mm

Length: 50 mb

Reinforced cross: further protects the tape from damage.