Anti-slip tape yellow 50mm x 18m


Anti-slip tape

Anti-slip tapes for stairs mainly used in schools, hospitals and all institutions as a safety measure. They come in distinctive colors, so they can also be used as tapes for marking out traffic routes. Anti-slip tapes are used to mark dangerous places. They significantly reduce the risk of accidental slipping on stairs and other slippery surfaces. The tape improves security in public buildings, businesses, warehouses and apartments. Anti-slip tapes, thanks to the use of a very strong adhesive, can be glued to various surfaces such as wood, metal, ceramics and other smooth surfaces. They will do a great job in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Salient features:

– excellent anti-slip protection

– very high adhesive strength to a variety of surfaces

– High resistance to aging and atmospheric conditions (UV, temperature,moisture)

Technical data:

Width: 50 mm

Length: 18 m