Paperback 450 x 350 x 80 200pcs.


Papyropaks are a type of paper courier envelopes that can successfully replace plastic envelopes. They are durable and roomy.

The following paperbacks are 450x350x80 mm in sizewhich allows for convenient mailing of larger volume mailings. Thanks to the widened sides, they fit the contents. The envelopes have an adhesive strip that makes them easy to close. Being made of kraft paper, they are recyclable.

Properties of paperbacks – courier envelopes

  • Cheap shipping package with a minimum weight.
  • Capacious courier envelope with expanded sides.
  • Eco-friendly mailing envelope made of kraft paper, reusable thanks to double closure.
  • Economical packaging 200 pieces of durable envelopes.

Technical data

  • External dimensions: 450x350x80 mm
  • Paper weight: 126 g/m2
  • Closure: double adhesive strip
  • Color: Brown, natural
  • Package includes: 200 envelopes