Book Wrap 360 x 250 – B4 595×765 height adjustable, 400 g/m2, LARGE 1200pcs


Ideal for packing books

The book wrap is the perfect solution for all reading lovers who want to transport their favorite books safely. With this wrapper, you don’t have to worry about damage, creases or dirt on your precious copies. The wrap is ideally suited for B4 format (360 x 250 mm), making it fit most standard book sizes.

Security for books

This wrapper is made of three-layer cardboard with a weight of 400 gr/m2. This guarantees a sturdy and durable construction that effectively protects your books from any damage during transportation. You no longer have to worry about tearing the cover or crumpling the pages – this wrapper will keep them completely safe.

Secure shipping

Thanks to its adjustable height (595 x 765 mm), you can adapt this wrapper to different sizes and thicknesses of your books. Whether you have a small notebook or a large photo album, this wrap will provide them with adequate space and a well-fitting cover. You can be sure that your books will reach their destination intact.

Book wrap is a great protection during transportation for books, albums and various types of booklets

It’s not just books that can benefit from this wrapper – it’s also ideal for packaging albums, catalogs or other printed materials. If you run an online store or regularly ship packages of such products, this wrapper will be an invaluable tool. With it, you can be sure that your products will reach the customer in perfect condition. When you order this wrap on our online store, you get a quality guarantee and fast delivery. You don’t have to worry about damage when shipping your precious books anymore – now you can safely pack and ship them anywhere you want!


Length: 360 mm

Width: 250 mm

Weight: 400 gr/m2

Format: B4

InPost: Gabaryt A

Polish Post Office:Gabaryt A