PENTEL permanen./waterproof marker black thin


PENTEL permanen./waterproof marker black thin

Take a look at our PENTEL permanent/waterproof black marker in thin size. This high-quality marker is ideal for a variety of uses, whether at home, in the office or at school.

Durable and water-resistant:

This marker is specially designed to be durable and water resistant. This means you can use it even on surfaces exposed to moisture or rain without worrying about smearing or color fading. Ideal for writing on paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and many other materials.

Thin size:

This marker has a thin tip, making it ideal for precise writing and drawing lines of lesser thickness. You can easily create details and clear contours with this slim tip. You don’t have to worry about uncontrolled stains – this marker allows you to maintain full control over your writing.

PENTEL – a brand known for its quality:

PENTEL is a reputable company that has been providing high-quality office and school supplies for years. Their products are known for their durability, performance and excellent writing quality. This marker is no exception – you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time.

If you are looking for permanent/waterproof markers in a thin size, this PENTEL product is the perfect choice for you. Whether you need it for work, study or creative projects, this marker will give you precision and durability. Order today and see for yourself!