Plastic film cutter 17.8 mm


Top quality Japanese knife for cutting stretch film, opening cartons and cutting banding tape. Indispensable in the warehouse, shipping or packaging areas. Very handy model, with skillfully masked blade deep in the handle , to avoid unintentional cutting of the user and unpacked goods.

The comfortable and well-gripped shape of the handle makes it possible to slide the knife under the material to be cut and tighten it, which makes cutting very easy. The stainless-steel blade’s protuberance makes it possible to cut through self-adhesive packing tape with ease, without damaging the contents of the package.

The handle is made of acetone and impact-resistant plastic, which increases the durability of the knife housing and its comfortable use.

Ensure the safety of your employees and your own hands. The indicated model significantly contributes to the elimination of injuries during work, has a positive impact on safety in the workplace. Especially useful in logistics centers, warehouses and production halls.

The knife is ideal for cutting:

– stretch films

– shrink film

– PP tape

– PET tapes

– adhesive tapes

We highly recommend.