Cardboard format. 3-wars. 1200 x 800 280g/m2 wave B



Cardboard spacer(cardboard sheet) is widely used in transportation and logistics. It is excellent as a material for packaging large-size and unusually shaped items. Very often cardboard dividers are used as a layer separating packaged goods, such as glass bottles or other fragile items. Thanks to the use of dividers, the goods do not move during transport. The dividers can also be used for packing individual books, albums, pictures or “thin” objects. Because of its design, the dividers can be cut into any parts. Made of cardboard, the dividers perfectly fulfill the functions of protection and cushioning between the individual layers of goods stacked on the pallet.

The product fits perfectly on a EURO pallet.

The cardboard dividers 1200×800 are made from 3-ply cardboard – wave B with a weight of 280 g/m2.

Dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm

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Product for shipment of less than 20 pieces will be folded due to the risk of damage during transportation.