Bubble foil B1 0,5 (50 mb)


Bubble foil B1 0,5 (50 mb)

If you’re looking for a high-quality bubble wrap for packing and protecting your items, B1 0.5 Bubble Wrap (50 mb) is the perfect solution for you. This durable and long-lasting bubble wrap will protect your products during transportation or storage.

Two-layer film

Our B1 0.5 bubble wrap (50 mb) is made of two layers of high-quality material. This makes it more durable and resistant to damage than traditional single-layer film. You can be sure that your products will be well protected from shocks, bumps or scratches.

The diameter of the bubble approx. 10 mm

The air bubbles on our B1 bubble wrap are about 10 mm in diameter. It’s the optimal size to provide adequate cushioning and thermal insulation for your products. Whether you’re packing delicate electronic items or fragile glass items, this film will do the job perfectly.

Thickness: 40 mic

Bubble wrap B1 0.5 (50 mb) is 40 microns thick. This means it is strong and durable enough to provide effective protection for your products. You don’t have to worry about damage or abrasion – this film is tear-resistant and durable even in harsh conditions.

The bubbles protect the product from damage, shock, water, etc. Goods packed in bubble wrap will be clean and safe in transit. Bubble wrap is tear-resistant and conforms to any product. It is suitable for protecting the smallest ceramic products as well as large furniture, glass, sanitary fittings, car parts and more.

Bubble wrap is used in manufacturing, service, commercial and household companies due to its physical properties.

B1 bubble film in a roll of 0.5 m x 50 mb.

Two-layer film.

Bubble diameter ca. 10 mm.

Thickness: 40 mic.