Biodegradable filler (0.20 m3) white, packed in a 200l bag


Skropak is an environmentally friendly material for securing shipments in transit. It is made from plant-based materials, making it 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

Once the granules have served their purpose, they can be reused or easily and safely disposed of by composting or dissolving in water. Skropak does not contain toxic additives, thus minimizing the risk of causing irritation in children. The product is also safe for pets.

By using readily renewable sources of raw materials, Skropak’s manufacturing process supports a sustainable development strategy. From the fields to the delivery point, the use of Skropak crisps has minimal environmental impact.


– lightweight, durable and anti-static

– perfectly secures the shipment

– eco-friendly security material

– easy, fast and inexpensive to use

– protects products without regard to size and shape

– suitable for all kinds of shipments, including air shipments

– of vegetable origin

– biodegradable and compostable

The bag contains 200 l of filler (0.20 m3).