Doypack ECO 250 ml 110x65x185 mm with window


ECO SMALL WINDOW PLUS doypack paper bags with barrier for aromatic and oily products. The bag has a resealable string closure.Packaging made of PAP/PET/PE laminate. Strong, leak-proof, barrier bags are coated entirely on the inside with film. Food-tested packaging.

The bags can be used for oily and aromatic products.

The bags are offered in 6 standard sizes (ml): 250, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, 3000

Width of vertical seams: 5 mm +/-1 mm

Advantages of our ECO SMALL WINDOW PLUS paper bags:

– high quality string lock

– PAPER45/PET12/PE55

– strong, wide approx. 6-7 mm welds

– fold-out bottom

– wide range of sizes

– easy-open notch as standard

– approved for food contact

Bags with the possibility of additional closure with a sealer.

Example application:

for packaging nuts, seeds, tea, spices, dried, dried herbs, sweets, salts, pilings, pet food …