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  • Formatka z tekt 3 wars 1200 800 280gm2 fala B 1059 1200

    Cardboard format. 3-wars. 1200 x 800 280g/m2 wave B


    1200×800 TEKTURAL SHIPS Cardboard spacer(cardboard sheet) is widely used in transportation and logistics. It is excellent as a material for packaging large-size and unusually shaped items. Very often cardboard dividers are used as a layer separating packaged goods, such as glass bottles or other fragile items. Thanks to the use of dividers, the goods do…

  • Przekladka tekturowa 5 wars 1200 800 490gm2 fala BC 1085 1200

    Cardboard format. 5-wars. 1200 x 800 490g/m2 BC wave


    Cardboard interleavers, 5-layer with dimensions of 1200 mm x 800 mm Made of cardboard, the interleavers perfectly fulfill the functions of protection and cushioning between individual layers of goods arranged on a pallet Ideal for a EURO pallet. Cardboard divider technical data: Dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm Cardboard: 5 layers Weight: 490 BC Attention….